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When asked if there were any part of the book that might represent her, Jan stated, “The main character, Brewnie, I suppose. He reminds me of myself in some ways. He had to overcome fears and obstacles during his adventure, whereas I’ve dealt with much the same, living with a slight speech impairment due to hearing loss at a young age. And later, Retinitis Pigmentosa that followed; a slow, progressive form of blindness. So, just as Brewnie stepped out of his mound to face his fears and obstacles, I’m stepping out to overcome my fears, hopefully to accomplish something I’ve never done before.”

That was Jan’s priority initially—then an unexpected and urgent situation suddenly arose in her family’s life. “I’m not ashamed to say that my dream of becoming an Author at first had to be delayed,” she states. “However, I could never blame my mother for the tragic circumstances (cancer and later, dementia) that she faced, had swept my dream aside. I’m truly grateful that, it was us—my sister and I—who were given the opportunity to be there for our mother. And I miss her terribly.”

Mrs. Ezelle initially discovered her love for writing when a single ant wandered across her patio. “It may seem like a strange topic to write about,” Jan said. “Especially when the subject is no longer new to the public. But this ant’s nature sent my curiosity into overdrive. I wondered why it was alone, where it was going, and what was the motivating force behind its actions. After doing some research and finding the (amazing!) answers to those burning questions, I discovered that a harvester ant, as tiny as it is and as insignificant as most of us consider it, has a very complex life that mirrors our own in many ways. (Yes, their habits are amazingly like ours!) Thus, with this newfound knowledge, my imagination began to move me, and the legend was born.”

“I had written pretty good short stories and essays while in high school,” Jan continued. “But I didn’t seriously consider becoming a writer at that time because my eyesight was not as bad then; so, I occupied myself with other interests. However, with the deterioration of my sight as I got older, I realized writing was the only thing I had to fall back on which inspired me to take a writing course with The Institute of Children’s Literature. My writing now serves me as a way of being productive with my life while contributing to society in a positive way.”

Mrs. Ezelle plans to pursue other writing interests for both children and adults.

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