Legend of the Dewberry Harvester

What’s more devastating for a little lad—who has just made a new discovery via Majesty Begetarian he can proudly introduce to his town, Dewberry; especially the idea that would rid his fear of having to face the Tick Trefoil beast ever again—only to find when he arrives home that evening, his family has locked him out?

Another impression that I had while reading “Legend of the Dewberry Harvester” was that this author has a brilliant imagination. While this book is of a type I have not read before, it was made very ‘believable’, somehow, because of the details and great dialog provided. Also, I could easily see this story being adapted into an animated movie or TV series. I was not sure if this should be meant for adults or for children, as the book has elements that appeal to both. —George Shuman, Novelist, Newspaper Columnist, Educator, VT


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“… is a must-read for any child that loves nature. The descriptive narrative brings to life the forest and the many creatures that live there. I loved the little main character whose development throughout the story was perfect as he was forced to face his fears. The characters are created with such detail, especially those who all teach important life lessons. I thought these powerful messages in the story would make terrific discussion points for parents and children. I believe any reader would learn so much about friendship, honesty, and trust while reading this book. I also thought tackling the subject of facing your fears and learning to work together as a team is a beneficial lesson for children to learn. I would love to see this book in school libraries.”

Lesley Jones,
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Meet Jan

“The lesson I’ve learned from penning a legend, is that not only education can be intertwined into fun and fantasy, it may also stand as a message to those who feel they suffer some sort of disability, like myself. No one should let obstacles—or fear—stand in the way of achieving his/her dreams.”

Jan Ezelle, native of Mississippi, is a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature: Writing for Children and Teenagers. She is also an artist, homemaker and 'Gran-Jan'. She hopes to see her writing serve as an inspiration for both children and adults alike, especially those who feel they suffer some sort of disability. "No one should let obstacles—or fear—stand in the way of achieving their dreams," states Ms. Ezelle, who is facing obstacles herself. "Rather than focus on what I couldn't do, I had to focus on what I could do."


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"I've found 'Legend of the Dewberry Harvester' story cups make the cutest planters for a child's room; or I just enjoy having my coffee in the characteristic cups, always a reminder of the enchanting story they tell."

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